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Attention to environmental issues is increasingly gaining importance throughout the world.

In Tunisia, it has become a top priority and the same attention is being given to the environment in many other African countries.

EAM Tunisia is committed to preserving the environment for future generations and is actively engaged to contribute its share to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

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Commitment to Quality

Since its creation, EAM Tunisia has committed to the following guiding principles:

- Our clients deserve the best service and expect uninterrupted access to our management and our technical team

- Our clients expect us to use techniques that will effectively contribute to identifying and solving potential problems and will save money along the way.

- EAM is committed to achieving the highest quality standards. Whether the tasks performed are technical, relational, or other , they are performed with the utmost care. Our best marketing tool is our reputation for quality.

EAM has established a tradition of turning high quality services which led to the statements you can read in this page about our services.

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Provide the most effective environmental and safety assessment services in our region by guaranteeing superior quality, consistently seeking improvement through training and outreach, and by consolidating our achievements mostly realized thanks to the high value we tribute to our clients.

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EAM Tunisia

CANADA : CJB Environment

Libya : Mared

EAM Tunisia

Tunisian Environment Protection Agency: anpe.nat.tn/fr

Tunis International Center for Environmental Technologies: citet.nat.tn

United Nations Environment Program: unep.org

European environmental Agency: eea.europa.eu


What they say about us

"EAM exhibited a highly professional approach to the work and the consents were achieved in a timely manner to our complete satisfaction."

Steve Surral, President, British Gas Tunisia, April 18, 2003

"We are pleased to confirm that the study was carried out to our complete satisfaction and was approved by the environmental Protection Agency with no reservation."

Cherif Ben Khelifa, Operations Manager, Lundin Netherlands B.V., Tunisia, September 26, 2005.

" We testify that the study was completed within the time frame to our complete satisfaction and was consequently approved without reservation by the National agency for Environment Protection."


Eckhard MARZ, General Manager, Preussag Energie, January 22nd, 1999.


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